About Den the Pen

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada in the early 1950s, Dennis Askew made his way onto the public stage in the early 1970s with his ‘progressive-rock’ band ‘the Stars.’ Dennis was the lead composer, lyricist, and guitar player and synthesist. That band morphed into ‘the Universe’ and that group released two albums world wide to great reviews. In the 1980s, Dennis went into the media writing a weekly music column called ‘Rock Talk’ for the Las Vegas Sun newspaper and supplemented his column with feature stories and interviews for five years.

Rock Talk also earned a place in rock and roll radio with Dennis broadcasting for two years and he also hit the local television market with several broadcast specials. Dennis then wrote a critically acclaimed novel called ‘A Handful of Dreams.’ He followed up with a stage play called ‘The Paint Box’ and then picking up his lyrical beginnings, wrote his first book of poetry called ‘The Big World of Love’ in 1990.

Dennis followed up with two more books centered on the ‘Big World’ theme and completed the series at three books. Dennis then went online in 1996 @ denthepen.com with a 10 page web site and began writing poetry under the name Den the Pen. Den began watercolor painting around his poems and words and exhibited this work called ‘Message of Love’ for nearly four years at a Borders Books store.

Den then wrote a screenplay to ‘Dreams’. He published an anthology of his poetry and prose in 2003 called ‘Love, the Greatest Thing' and followed up in 2007 with a second edition of that anthology. In November of 2013 Den released a collection of poetry called "67 Poems - message of love." His web site is currently composed of 140 pages and the site receives thousands of new visitors from around the world every month. After receiving rave reviews 30 years after the fact from progressive-rock sites, Den has released a best of The Universe album. Here is a link to the site: universemusic.us.

For a complete biography click here -> www.dennisleeaskew.com


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