About this site

It’s been up and running since 1996. It’s free and there’s no registration required. There’s no sex, no violence, and no intolerance:
All are welcome.

We don’t sell or keep e-mail addresses or anything like that. The site has a link below -our friends- that we encourage you to visit. They are not tracking you either. There are no pop-ups anywhere on the site.

Den hand-painted most of the graphics over time with key & supplemental additions by: Grant Moncur, John Shaffer, Gordon McClelland, and God-gifted artist Michael Wallace.

Since the site receives so many visitors from all over the world, the webmasters, at Den’s request, have intentionally avoided certain ‘flash’ and animated elements that would ‘over-tech’ and spoil a visit by someone using a basic computer set-up.

The site is maintained by MGWallace Design Studios.

Den’s book publisher, Estlin, Staples & Ernst can be reached at:
Box 25564, Santa Ana, CA 92799

God Bless You, enjoy the site and Lots of Love - !!!


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